19G - final 041

Yellow ranch

New transformation – first, some before pictures:

19G 001

You could hardly see the house

19G 012

Overgrown and in need of a good power wash

19G 024

Again, you can’t even see the house

19G 042

Clean but dated. This style is almost coming back.


19G 043

Again, clean and functional, but so eighties.

19G 049

Clutter throughout the house

19G 053

Kitchen has been cleaned out

And here are the after photos:

19G - final 07219G - final 024

19G - final 041

19G - final 027 19G - final 019 19G - final 010 19G - final 031 19G - final 033 19G - final 034 19G - final 035 19G - final 04019G - final 06619G - final 061

As always, came out really nice. Everybody is happy – neighbors, new owners, we are …

Hope you enjoyed it.

We are currently buying. Let me know if you know of any fixer uppers. If you do, leave a message thru the form at the top.

See you soon.