Stairs - After

The Water Main House – part 2 (After)

DSC00526As I mentioned in the previous post, we had an unpleasant surprise one week into the rehab – broken water main. But the problem was fixed rather quickly and it only set us back one day. Other than that, the project went nice and smooth.

The house received a complete update: new roof, plumbing system, heating system, electrical system, kitchen, bath, floors, doors, trim, paint, landscaping and the water main.

It took us a little under 2 months to rehab. We had it on the market for couple of days. Multiple offers scenario produced an above asking price and a fairly quick closing.

I wish they were all like this.

Here are some AFTER pictures: (you can see before pictures here)

Front After

Kitchen – After

Kitchen / Dining – After

Living Room – After

Stairs – After

Upstairs – After

3 thoughts on “The Water Main House – part 2 (After)

  1. Looks great. Good to see quality rehabs. It’s uplifting to each neighborhood. Keep up the good work, Al

    • Thanks Al,

      Doing it right the first time, is the only way to go!


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