Exterior - after

The Wallpaper House – Part 2 (After)

Well, the property is completely redone and actually sold as well. It came out so nice (they all do), we sold it already.

Renovations included new roof, windows, doors, floors, kitchen, bath, heating system, central air-conditioning system, entire plumbing, updated electrical system and all new fixtures, fresh paint, new landscaping … Our “usual treatment”.

We also opened up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to create a more open feel. The opening between the dining room and living room was an arch. We changed that to square. To match the rest of the house.

There was a porch added on sometimes in the 1950’s. We brought the heat and central air to it and made it into a fully functional part of the house – sunroom.

Since there wasn’t a whole lot of closet space, we got a little creative and installed a very cool, fully customizable, IKEA wardrobe. Which amongst many other things, also very elegantly holds 16 pairs of shoes.

Luckily we didn’t run into any major issues or surprises on this one.

Actually, there was one surprise. But it was a nice one. Under the old carpets were beautiful wood floors. Installed in a pattern you don’t see in today’s 1200 sq.ft houses. Someone took their time to install this 90 years ago. See on the pictures below.

Without further ado, here are the pictures of the final product: (You can see the before pictures here):

Exterior – after


Kitchen – after


Kitchen – after


Kitchen – after


Kitchen/Dining Room


Dining Room


Dining room looking into Living room


Living Room


Living Room


Bath – after


Bath – after


IKEA wardrobe


IKEA wardrobe

IKEA wardrobe




Brand new heating system


Brand new air-conditioning system



So there you have it. Another great transformation. I love how everything came together. Stay tuned for more.

PS: If you ever come across any fixer uppers that meet my criteria (click here for the criteria), don’t hesitate to let me know. I am always looking for new projects to work on.

6 thoughts on “The Wallpaper House – Part 2 (After)

  1. Russ thank you for sharing.. WOW! You do wonderfull work!!Very nice! Definately was a pleasure seeing you yesterday on the boat trip. I will keep a look out and find you something in the area that in witch is in my back yard. If there is anything that I can be of any other help to you please let me know. Realtor Ray

    • Ray, thanks for your kind words. It was good to see you too and it was a fun little trip. Let’s stay in touch!

  2. Russ-
    WOOW! You are very talented and have great taste. Your eye for transformation and the way you create a visual for the buyer thru staging is really amazing.

    You are making the world more beautiful, one home at a time.

    Kara Woods
    Owner, Stage To Move
    A home staging and design firm

    • Thank you for your kind words. I saw your work and it’s also amazing.

  3. Russ… What can I say? The finished product is absolutely gorgeous. You did such a beautiful job on all of the houses.
    Your taste is impeccable!!!! You should be so proud!!!
    I think I’m going to steal your IKEA closet idea for my closet.

    • Thanks Nova, the IKEA closet was pretty sweet and very functional!

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