The Typical Dated House – Part 1 (Before)

We are getting more and more properties like this one. The house is in a decent shape, it’s just dated. There is nothing horribly wrong, everything is functional, but it needs some TLC throughout.


Due to the current weak real estate market, dated properties take a lot longer to sell and they usually sell for a price well below original asking price. Especially when agents feel overly optimistic about how much sellers home should sell for.


This particular seller was thrilled that we provided a hassle free sale and eliminated all the nuances that come when selling with a real estate agent.


We offered him a sale that required no effort on his part – no clean up, no repairs, no signs in the front, no showings, no inspections, no appraisals, no mortgage contingencies, no uncertainty of when exactly will it sell and for how much …


Instead we made him a fair cash offer and he chose when he wanted to close – down to a day and hour. Yep, we closed on Wednesday at 8:00am. He asked we close on a certain date and time, because he was moving down south where he was heading for a closing, and didn’t want to leave behind a vacant house.


Seller is happy and so are we. This is a nice project. And we will make this home shine again. Below are the pictures:

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