The Skylights House

Although we don’t usually build new houses, this particular piece of land I couldn’t resist. Nice lot, established neighborhood, convenient location with easy access to everything. The best part – back of the lot is a “conservation area” with woods and a pond.

The pond is where the problem started right after I decided that this is my next project.

Property was listed on MLS and it was marketed as an approved building lot. While doing my due diligence it turned out that there is quite a bit of wetlands on it, towards the back approaching the pond and therefore it is not an approved building lot.

After about 3 months of dealing with wetland commission, hiring soil scientist, attorney, preparing a mitigation plan and attending public hearing, I finally got it approved and we could start the process.

Under normal circumstances, spending 3 months just to determine whether it’s a deal or not, would be way too much. But I fell in love with the property.

This project started as a heavily wooded lot. It had good positioning and plenty of light. With a vision, plan and some determination we turned it into a really nice contemporary ranch. To bring all that natural light inside, I decided to use plenty of skylights.

I have many pictures, so I put them in the video for you. Here is the story, from beginning to the end: