The Pool House – Part 1 (Before)

At 3,000 square feet this is one of the larger homes we recently purchased. 

Fairly new construction, but there was freeze damage throughout the house. Water damage clean up company went thru the house and did majority of the “heavy lifting” before we bought it. The homeowners actually bought some materials to get it going, they just never really started.

Walkout basement is stripped down to studs. In-ground pool is in a rough condition. Trash and debris is pretty much everywhere.

Since it is a fairly new home, the bones and the major systems are in a good shape and this one should be an easy one. Here are the pictures:

Front DSC00598 DSC00608 DSC00612 DSC00615 DSC00616 DSC00619 DSC00620 DSC00624 DSC00625 DSC00641 DSC00642 DSC00643 DSC00645 DSC00646 DSC00651 DSC00655 DSC00658 Stay tuned for the updates coming soon.