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Real Estate Lunch at Panera

I have been getting many calls and emails with questions about investing in real estate, wholesaling, funding, managing contractors, analyzing deals, etc. Many of you emailed me asking “Can I buy you a lunch?”, or “I really want to get started, can I pick your brain?” or “Russ, I know I have a deal, can we talk about it over lunch?”

The fact is I am flattered and I do want to help you and answer all of your questions, but I can no longer do it with random phone calls, emails and lunches. It’s becoming a distraction and I think I have a better idea for handling it.

So here is what I am offering. Once a month, you are welcome to join me for lunch (you pay for your own meal) and we can talk real estate and you can ask me as many questions as you’d like. This location is conveniently located right off the exit on Rt.84, so no excuses.

Real Estate Lunch at Panera:
October 14, 2016
12:30 – 1:30pm
Panera Bread
365 Queen St, Southington CT 06489

Cost FREE – you buy your own lunch

At these lunches you can ask me anything on the topic of real estate. Everything is up for discussion and I’ll do all I can to help you move forward. We can discuss everything from getting started, to deal evaluations, to financing, etc.

Hope to see you there.

Real estate lunch

Real estate lunch