The Typical Dated House – Part 2 (After)


This renovation turned out awesome. The house didn’t need any major changes, just needed to be updated thru out. It is finished, nice and shiny, and actually sold! There were multiple buyers that were interested and it sold in 3 days! Here are the pictures. Let me know what you think. Click here if you […]

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Real Estate Lunch at Panera

Startup Stock Photos

I have been getting many calls and emails with questions about investing in real estate, wholesaling, funding, managing contractors, analyzing deals, etc. Many of you emailed me asking “Can I buy you a lunch?”, or “I really want to get started, can I pick your brain?” or “Russ, I know I have a deal, can […]

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The Typical Dated House – Part 1 (Before)


We are getting more and more properties like this one. The house is in a decent shape, it’s just dated. There is nothing horribly wrong, everything is functional, but it needs some TLC throughout.   Due to the current weak real estate market, dated properties take a lot longer to sell and they usually sell […]

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The Green Beauty – Part 2 (After)


I couldn’t be happier with how this project has turned out. After removing some walls and changing the layout, the 1st floor now feels much more open and has a much better flow. Even upstairs we moved a few walls to make the bath larger and got rid of the dead space with some awkward […]

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Yellow ranch

19G - final 041

New transformation – first, some before pictures:   And here are the after photos:   As always, came out really nice. Everybody is happy – neighbors, new owners, we are … Hope you enjoyed it. We are currently buying. Let me know if you know of any fixer uppers. If you do, leave a message thru the […]

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The Green Beauty – Part 1 (Before)


We started another project. Very dated home.  This one is going to get a complete makeover. Pretty much everything is going to be replaced – roof, windows, siding, doors, floors, fixtures, … There is also an old septic that we will properly eliminate and connect to the city sewers. I present to you a Green Beauty: I’ll […]

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The Pool House – Part 2 (Update)

Blackberry End of 2012 till 07-2013 614

Just a few interesting pictures. It is not everyday you can see this. The condition of the pool was beyond reasonable repair. The concrete was cracked at multiple locations and the sections have shifted, pipes were shot, etc… Long story short, the pool is no more 🙂 Broken up, removed, filled in and seeded. You can see how it […]

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The Pool House – Part 1 (Before)


At 3,000 square feet this is one of the larger homes we recently purchased.  Fairly new construction, but there was freeze damage throughout the house. Water damage clean up company went thru the house and did majority of the “heavy lifting” before we bought it. The homeowners actually bought some materials to get it going, they […]

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The Favorite House – Part 1 (Before)


Let me introduce you to my favorite kind of house. Ranch, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage, good size flat yard, on a quiet street. Outdated inside and out. And overgrown with trees, bushes and plants to the point you can barely see it. From my experience, these kind of houses (once fixed up […]

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The Cabin – Part 2 (After)


The Cabin is done and we turned it into a cute little house. As expected, the exterior took majority of the time. The original retaining wall turned out to be three (that’s 3) “layers” of retaining walls. Yes, the previous experts were trying to dress it up and make it new three times, without demo-ing […]

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The Cabin – Part 1 (Before)

Living room

600 square feet. That’s how big this “mansion” is. Usually I don’t get involved with small houses like this, because they are harder to sell. But the price was right and the neighborhood is nice. So I said sure, bring it on! All my properties need a lot of work when I buy them and this […]

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